The biggest treasure an Organization can possess is its Employees. And Shrenik Limited considers itself fortunate that it has found a bunch of people who have always been committed towards the growth of the Company.

The commonness that exists amongst all the employees of our Company is that they all carry a selfless attitude and think of the Company first. This is one of the greatest achievements that our Company has attained till date and hopes for the stability of the same.

Mr. Shrenik Vimawala, Director of the Company appreciates the efforts of all the employees as they have contributed a great deal towards the achievements of the Company. He along with other Directors of the Company wishes to carry every associated and prospective spirit together and achieve greater heights.

Simon Sinek quoted it quite well, “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” And this defines the Shrenik Limited scenario perfectly!

“Shrenik Limited expresses its gratitude and gives credit to all its employees of the Company “For every second they thought of the Company, for every minute they considered work as their priority, for each hour they slept lesser, for each day they travelled, for every month they served the customers and the suppliers and for every year they dedicated towards the betterment of the company.”

Shrenik Limited also extends its feelings towards the family members of each employee who supported the employees in all the possible ways. It would not have been possible to reach at this stage without their support.

The Directors of the Company hope for the continuity of the support from all the employees of the Company and wish them all the success and growth in the coming future.

  • “There are many factors revolving around our lives, which can break us down, but then we have an opposite Factor which can make us come up! Mr. Shrenik, motivates, encourages and helps us in converting our negativity to positivity and this support has always helped us grow both in our professional and personal lives. We find ourselves fortunate to find a motivational speaker, a Leader and a Director all in one Man.”

    Employees, Shrenik Limited