• “The ethics on which brands are built need to be ingrained in the business if the Brand Proposition is to be credible to consumers.”–Paul Gaskell, Brand Strategist

The Company gave wings to its dream, with assistance from Ballarpur Industries Limited by successfully launching its own Paper Brand “Shrenik” Digital Paper with around 7 different varieties of papers under the said brand. The brand attained popularity amongst the customers in just 6 months and Shrenik Limited thanks every customer for the overwhelming response towards the Brand. The Company commits to provide the same level of satisfaction to all its customers throughout the coming years.

We firmly believe in adding up different range of products so as to meet the necessities of our present and prospective consumers.

Our Brand Foundation is based on the Principle of “Supplying the Demand” of both the present and prospective consumers. All we aspire is to make our Products useful for its users and we dedicate all our efforts towards the successful attainment of the said aspiration.