• “Customers are the Heart and Suppliers are the Heartbeats of Shrenik Limited.” Shrenik Limited

  • “Trusting” is one of the most suspicious things these days and we are grateful to the suppliers of our company who trusted us in and out. The facilities like different variety of goods, on time delivery of goods and quality goods can be provided to the customers due to the efficiency of our Suppliers. The outstanding performance of the suppliers every year helps us in meeting the demands of customers and in enhancing the scope of our business activity.

    We extend our thankfulness to Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), for every time they trusted us with new challenges. BILT has always taken care of us like a Parent does and has treated us with all the gentleness. We are also grateful to BILT as it assisted us in fulfilling our dream of having our brand “Shrenik Limited.” They have been there with us through all the junctures and we aspire for the continuity of the same level of trust in the coming years.

    We as a Company ensure to maintain the same level of commitment and dedication towards our work and to stay eager for more and more opportunities.