The Shrenik Graph

Shrenik Limited is a Paper-Trading Company (Whole-sale Distributor) having its operations spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. We hold command over products like Writing and Printing Paper, Coated Paper, Hi bright Paper, Copier Paper, Folding Box Board and Duplex Board.

History: The first distributorship gained by the Company was that of Ballarpur Industries Limited.

Beginning is always the toughest goes a saying and the same stood applicable to us as well.

The journey of becoming one of the recognized Whole-Sale Distributors of Ballarpur Industries Limited in INDIA was full of challenges and most certainly, the Challenges were the motivating ingredients for the Initiators of the Company. We commenced our business at a very small level with just few products like specialty and value added printing papers.

A Golden Opportunity knocked our door in 2009 when Ballarpur Industries Limited offered its distributorship. The Distributorship was specifically for a Chromo Paper Plant manufactured by BILT. Our team geared itself up for the accomplishment of the allocated project and ended up creating n number of customers within a span of six months and the real trip started since then.

The non-stop endeavors helped the Company to land at the platform it is occupying right now. For every achievement the Company has experienced, it expresses its gratitude to Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), which always stretched its helping hands and supported the team in every possible manner. BILT has a massive role in shaping the Success of Shrenik Limited and we are grateful for all the support from BILT.

Currently, apart from BILT, we are also the Whole Sale Distributors of renowned Paper Mills namely, Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Asia Pulp and Paper (Indonesia and China), Shah Pulp and Paper Mills Limited, NR Agarwal Industries Limited, April Fine Paper Trading Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Naini Group.

To wrap up the The Shrenik Limited Graph the Directors would like to communicate to all their stakeholders that due to God’s Grace and hard work of the entire team the shape of its Graph has been upward sloping till date, not just in terms of profits but also in terms of expansion of business.

The entire Shrenik Limited team commits to continue the efforts and raise the slope of its Graph at an increasing pace.